Comfort Zone, Schmomfort Zone

Everything you’ve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone.

I came across this quote for the umpteenth time recently and it got me thinking – why haven’t I started blogging yet?  I have wanted to blog for years now and for some reason I just haven’t started.  I finally admitted to myself that blogging is outside my comfort zone.  It’s funny how just admitting something to ourselves makes it that much less scary.

That’s one of my favorite pieces of advice for working through life – figure out how to own your fear instead of letting it own you.  One of my tactics is admitting it to myself or to others – putting it all on the table.  Much to look forward here with my blog, right?

Another one is intentionally facing whatever it is that I’m scared of.  I stand up paddleboard frequently, and whenever I go out the first thing I do is jump into the water.  I intentionally fall in.  It seems silly, but it completely changes the experience. Once I’ve had that first jolt of hitting the water, the entire experience becomes lighter.  So maybe during my next presentation, I should intentionally trip?  Future blog post!!

What are your tactics for managing fear and stepping outside your comfort zone?  I’d love to hear!